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    Forsworn, by making false oath with hand (main) on book. Used in the north of England. BrownL 4; Hob. 125.
    To maintain an action of suit is to commence or institute it; tbe term imports the existence of a cause of action. Boutiller v. The Milwaukee, 8 Minn. 105, (GIL 80, 81.)
    In pleading. A technical word indispensable in an indictment for maintenance. 1 Wils. 325.
    In criminal law. One-that maintains or seconds a cause depending. In suit between others, either by disbursing money or making friends for either party towards his help. Blount One who is guilty of maintenance (q. v)
    Sustenance; support; assistance. The furnishing by one person to another, for his support of the means of living, or food, clothing, shelter, etc., particularly where the legal relation of the parties is such that one is bound to support the other, as between father' and child, or husband and wife. More...
    An old form of "mayor."
    In old Scotch law. An officer to whom process was directed. Otherwise called "malr of fie," (fee,) and classed with the "serjand." Skene. In French law. A mayor.
    In French law. The government building of each commune. It contains the record office of all civil acts and the list of voters; and it is there that political and municipal elections take place. Arg. Fr. Merc. Law, 566.
    Fr. A hospital; an almshouse; a monastery. St 39 Eliz. c. 5. LiteraUy, "house of God."
    An old form, of "master."
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