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  • MAIM
    To deprive a person of a member or part of the body, the loss of which renders him less capable of fighting; to commit mayhem, (q. v.). State v. Johnson, 58 Ohio St 417, 51 N. E 40, 65 Am. St Rep. 769. In this respect "to wound" is distinguishable More...
  • MAIN
    L. Fr. A hand. More commonly written "meyn." --Main-a-maln. Immediately. Kelham.
  • MAIN
    Principal, chief, most important in size, extent, or utility. -Main ehamiel. The main channel of a river is that bed over which the principal volume of water flows. See St. Louis, etc, Packet Co. v. Keokuk & H. Bridge Co. (C. C.) 31 Fed. 757: Cessill v. State, 40 Ark. More...
    In old English law. A false oath; perjury. Cowell. Probably from Sax. "manath" or "tnainath" a false or deceitful oath.
    A small tribute, commonly of loaves of bread, which in some places the parishioners paid to the rector in lieu of small tithes. Cowell.
    In criminal law. An article stolen, when found in the hands of the thief. A thief caught with the stolen goods in bis possession is said to be taken "with the mainour," that is, with the property in manu, in his hands. 4 Bl. Comm. 307. The word seems to More...
    A trespass committed by hand. See 7 Rich. II. c 4
    Capable of being bailed; bailable; admissible to bail on giving surety by mainpernors.
    In old practice. A surety for the appearance of a person under arrest, who is delivered out of custody into the hands of his bail. "Mainpernors" differ from "ball" in that a man's bail may imprison or surrender him up before the stipulated day of appearance; mainpernors can do neither, More...
    The delivery of a person into tbe custody of mainpernors, (q. v.) Also the name of a writ (now obsolete) commanding the sheriff to take the security of mainpernors and set the party at liberty.
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