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    Luggage may consist of any articles intended for the use of a passenger while traveling, or for his personal equipment Civ. Code Cal. ? 2181. This term is synonymous with "baggage," but is more commonly used in England than In America. See Great Northern Ry. Co. v. Shepherd, 8 Exch. More...
    Lat. In the civil law. Light; the light of the sun or sky; the privilege of receiving light into a house. A light or window.
    Lat In the civil law. Lights; windows; openings to obtain light for one's building.
    A lamp or candle set burning on the altar of any church or chapel, for the maintenance whereof lands and rent-charges were frequently given to parish churches, etc. Kennett, Gloss.
    As applied to judicial sales, this term means a sale in mass, as where several distinct parcels of real estate, or several articles of personal property, are sold together for a "lump" or single gross sum. Anniston Pipeworks v. Williams, 100 Ala. 324,18 South. Ill, 54 Am. St Rep. 51.
    Lunacy is that condition or habit in which the mind is directed by the will, but is wholly or partially misguided or erroneously governed by it; or it is the impairment of any one or more of the faculties of the mind, accompanied with or inducing a defect in the More...
    Belonging to or measured by the revolutions of the moon, o-Lunar month. See MONTH.
    A person of deranged or unsound mind; a person whose mental faculties are in the condition called "lunacy," (q. v.) Lunations, qui gaudet in lucidis in-terrains. He Is a lunatic who enjoys lucid intervals. 1 Story, Cont ? 73.
    In old English law. A silver penny, so called because it was to be coined only at London, (a Londre*,) and not at the country mints. Lown. Essay Coins, 17; Cowell.
    A bawd or strumpet 3 Inst. 206.
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