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    Which cannot be revoked or recalled.
    The operation of watering lands for agricultural purposes by artificial means. -Irrigation company. A private corporation, authorized and regulated by statute in several states, having for its object to acquire exclusive rights to the water of certain streams or other sources of supply, and to convey, it by means of More...
    In Scotch law. The happening of a condition or event by which a charter, contract, or other deed, to which a clause irritant is annexed, becomes void.
    In Scotch law. Avoiding or making void; as an irritant clause. See IRRITANCY.
    In Scotch law. A provision by which certain prohibited acts specified In a deed are, if committed, declared to be null and void. A resolutive clause dissolves and puts an end to the right of a proprietor on his committing the acts so declared void.
    Lat. In the civil law. To impose or set upon, as a fine. Calvin. To inflict, as a punishment. To make or ordain, as a law.
    L. Lat An enrolling; a record.
    Lat. The cognizor in a fine. Is cui cognoscitur, the cognizee.
  • ISH
    In Scotch law. The period of the termination of a tack or lease. 1 Bligh, 522.
    A piece of land surrounded by water. Webber v. Pere Marquette Boom Co.', 62 Mich. 626, 30 N. W. 469; Goff v. Cougle, 118 Mich. 307, 76 N. W. 489, 42 L. R. A. 161.
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