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    Lat. To do; to make. Thus, facere defaltam, to make default; facere duellum, to make the duel, or make or do battle; facere finem, to make or pay a fine; facere legem, to make one's law; facere sacramentum, to make oath.
    That you cause. Occurring in the phrases "scire facias," (that you cause to know,) "fieri facias," (that you cause to be made,) etc.
    In doing or paying; in some activity.
    Lat. The face or countenance; the exterior appearance or view; hence, contemplation or study of a thing on its external or apparent side. Thus, prima facie means at the first inspection, on a preliminary or exterior scrutiny. When we speak of a "prima facie case," we mean one which, on More...
    In Scotch law. Easily persuaded; easily imposed upon. Bell.
    This name was formerly given to certain notes of some of the banks in the state of Connecticut, which were made payable in two years after the close of the war of 1812. Springfield Bank v. Merrick, 14 Mass. 322.
    In Scotch law. Pliancy of disposition. Bell. Facinus quos inquinat aequat. Guilt makes equal those whom it stains.
    (Lat. I do that you may give.) A species of contract in the civil law (being one of the innominate contracts) which occurs when a man agrees to perform anything for a price either specifically mentioned or left to the determination of the law to set a value on it; More...
    (Lat I do that you may do.) A species of contract in the civil law (being one of the innominate contracts) which occurs when I agree with a man to do his work for him if he will do mine for me; or if two persons agree to marry together, More...
  • FACT
    A thing done; an action performed or an incident transpiring; an event or circumstance; an actual occurrence. In the earlier days of the law "fact" was used almost exclusively in the sense of "action" or "deed;" but although this usage survives, in some such phrases as "accessary before the fact" More...
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