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    This word embraces everything about which a person can be employed. People v. Com'rs of Taxes, 23 N. Y. 242, 244. That which occupies the time, attention, and labor of men for the purpose of a livelihood or profit The doing of a single act pertaining to a particular business More...
    Those hours of the day during which, in a given community, commercial, banking, professional, public, or other kinds of business are ordinarily carried on. This phrase is declared to mean not the time during which a principal requires an employee's services, but the business hours of the community generally. Derosia More...
    In old English law. The barons of a county.
    A term used in the old English law, to designate a large and clumsily constructed ship.
    A privilege formerly allowed to the king's butler, to take a certain part of every cask of wine imported by an alien.
    In English law. A law for the heir to punish waste in the life of the ancestor. Though it be on record in the parliament book of Edward I., yet it never was a statute, nor ever so received; but only some constitution of the king's council, or lords in More...
  • BUTT
    A measure of liquid capacity, equal to one hundred and eight gallons; also a measure of land.
    The bounding lines of land at the end; abuttals, which see.
    A phrase sometimes used in conveyancing, to introduce the boundaries of lands. See BUTTS AND BOUNDS.
    In old English law. Short pieces of land left unplowed at the ends of fields, where the plow was turned about, (otherwise called "headlands,") as sidelings were similar unplowed pieces on tbe sides. Burrill. Also a place where bowmen meet to shoot at a mark.
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