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    The state or condition of a vassal.
    The tenure or holding of a vassal. Cowell.
    L. Lat A waste or common lying open to the cattle of all tenants who have a right of communing. Cowell.—Vastum forestss vel bosei. In old records. Waste of a forest or wood. That part of a forest or wood wherein the trees and under¬wood were so destroyed that it More...
    In old European law. Sorcery ; witchcraft; the profession of the Vaudols.
    The lands that a vavasour held. Cowell.
    One who was in dignity next to a baron. Britt 109; Bract lib. 1, c. & One who held of a baron. Enc. Brit
    The tenants of the manor of Bradford, in the county of Wilts, paid a yearly rent by this name to their lord, in lieu of veal paid formerly in kind Wharton.
    In old Lombardic law. The offense of stopping one on the way; forestalling. Spelman.
    Lat. Fines paid to the crown to defray the expenses of maintaining courts of justice. 8 Salk. 33. Vectigal, origine ipsa, Jus Caesarum et regum patrimoniale est. Dav. 12. Tribute, in its origin, is the patrimonial right of emperors and kings.
    In Roman law. Customs-duties; taxes paid upon the importation or exportation of certain kinds of merchandise. Cod. 4, 61.
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