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    Lat. In Roman law. The form of words by which a vote in favor of a proposed law was orally expressed. JJti togas, volo vel jubeo, as you ask, I will or order; I vote as you propose; I am for the law. The letters "U. R." on a ballot More...
    Span. In Spanish law. The profit of a thing. White, New Recop. b. 2, tit. 2, c. 1
    Lat. In the civil law. Use¬ful ; beneficial; equitable; available. Actio utilis, an equitable action. Calvin. Dies utilis, an available day.
    In old English law. An outlawed person; an outlaw. Utlagatns est quasi extra legem positns. Caput gerit lnpinum. 7 Coke, 14. An outlaw is, as it were, put out of the protection of the law. He bears the head of a wolf. Utlagatns pro eontumacla et fuga, non propter hoe More...
    L. Fr. An outlaw. Britt c. 12.
    An escape of a felon out of prison.
    In the civil law The name of a species of interdict for retaining a thing, granted for the purpose of protecting the possession of a movable thing, as the uti possidetis was granted for an Immovable. Inst. 4, 15, 4; Mackeld. Rom. Law, 260 In Scotch law. An interdict as More...
    Both of us. Words used formerly in bonds.
    To put or send -into circulation ; to publish or put forth. To utter and publish an instrument is to declare or assert, directly or indirectly, by words or actions, that it is good; uttering it is a declaration that it is good, with an intention or offer to pass More...
    In English law. The bar at which those barristers, usually junior men, practice who have not yet been raised to the dignity of king's counsel. These junior barristers are said to plead without the bar; while those of the higher rank are admitted to seats within the bar, and ad¬dress More...
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