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    A purpresture may be defined as an inclosure by a private party of a part of that which belongs to and ought to be open and free to the enjoyment of the public at large. It is not necessarily a public nuisance. A public nuisance must be something which subjects More...
    L. Fr, A close or inclosure ; as also the whole compass of a manor.
    A term used in heraldry; the color commonly called "purple," expressed in engravings by lines in bend sinister. In the arms of princes It was formerly called "mercury," and in those of peers "amethyst".
    A purse, prise, or premium is ordinarily some valuable thing, offered by a person for the doing of something by others, Into Btrlfe for which he does not enter. He has not a chance of gaining the thing offered; and, If he abide by his offer, that he must lose More...
    The person appointed by the master of a ship or vessel, whose duty it is to take care of the ship's books, in which every thing on board is inserted, as well the names of mariners as the articles of merchandise shipped. Roecus, Ins. note.
    To follow a matter judicially, as a complaining party. To pursue a warrant or authority, in the old books, Is to execute it or carry it out. Oo. Litt 52.
    The name by which the complainant or plaintiff is known in the ecclesiastical courts, and In the Scotch law.
    As used In constitutional law, this right includes personal freedom, freedom of contract, exemption from oppression or invidious discrimination, the right to follow one's individual preference in the choice of an occupation and the application of his energies, liberty of conscience, and the right to enjoy the domestic relations and More...
    Lat A congenital idiot.
    In- old English law. A providing of necessaries for the king's house. Cowell.
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