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    In criminal law. An insurrection of soldiers or seamen against the authority of their commanders; a sedition or revolt in the army or navy. See The Sta,-cey Clarke (D. C.) 54 Fed. 533; McCargo v. New Orleans Ins. Co., 10 Rob. (La.) 313, 43 Am. Dec. 180. -Mutiny aot. In More...
    Interchangeable; reciprocal; each acting in return or correspondence to the other; given and received; spoken of an engagement or relation in which like duties and obligations are exchanged. "Mutual" is not synonymous with "common.** The latter word, in one of its meanings, denotes that which is shared, in the same More...
    Reciprocation; interchange. An acting by each of two parties; an acting in return. In every agreement the parties must as regards the principal or essential part of the transaction, intend the same thing; i. e.. each must know what the other is to do. This is called "mutuality of assent." More...
    The person who lends chattels in the contract of mutuum, (g. v.)
    To borrow; mutuatus, a borrowing. 2 Arch. Pr. 25.
    A person who borrows personal chattels to be consumed by him and returned to the lender in kind and quantity ; the borrower in a contract of mutuunu
    Lat In civil and old English law. Dumb and deaf.
    Lat. In the law of bailments. A loan for consumption; a loan of chattels, upon an agreement that the borrower may consume them, returning to the lender an equivalent in kind and quantity. Story, Bailm. | 228; Payne v. Gardiner, 29 N. Y. 167; Downes v. Phoenix Bank, 6 Hill More...
    Monastic habitation; perhaps the part of a monastery set apart for purposes of hospitality, or as a sanctuary for criminals. Anc. Inst Eug.
    A trade, art, or occupation. 2 Inst 668. Masters frequently bind themselves in the indentures with their apprentices to teach them their art trade, and mystery. State v. Bishop, 15 Me. 122; Bar-ger v. Caldwell, 2 Dana (Ky.) 131.
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