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  • MUND
    In old English law. Peace; whence mundbryc, a breach of the peace.
    A receiving Into favor and protection. Cowell.
    In old French law. A tribute paid by a church or monastery to their seignorial avone"* and vidames, as the price of protecting them. Steph. Lect 236.
    In the early ages of the feudal law, this was the name given to the grants of land made by a king or chieftain to his followers, which were held by no certain tenure, but merely at the will of the lord. Afterwards they became life-estates, and then hereditary, and More...
    Lat In Roman law. A provincial person; a countryman. This was the designation of one born in the provinces or in a city politically connected with Rome, and who, having become a Roman citizen, was entitled to hold any offices at Rome except some of the highest. In the provinces More...
    "Municipal" signifles that which belongs to a corporation or a city. The term Includes the rules or laws by which a particular district, community, or nation is governed. It may also mean local, particular, independent Horton v. Mobile School Com*rs, 43 Ala. 596. "Municipal," in one of its meanings, is More...
    A public corporation, created by government for political purposes, and having subordinate and local powers of legislation; e. p., a county, town, city, etc. 2 Kent, Comm. 275. An incorporation of persons, inhabitants of a particular place, or connected with a particular district, enabling them to conduct its local civil More...
    A municipal corporation: a city, town, borough, or incorporated village. Also the body of officers, taken collectively, belonging to a city.
    In Roman law. A foreign town to which the freedom of the city of Rome was granted, and whose inhabitants had the privilege of enjoying offices and honors there; a free town. Adams, Rom. Ant 47, 77.
    The instruments of writing and written evidences which the owner of lands, possessions, or Inheritances has, tiy which he is enabled to defend the title of his estate. Termes de la Ley; S Inst. 170.
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