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    In mining law. The right of the owner of a mining claim duly located on the public domain to follow, and mine, any vein or lode the apex of which lies within the boundaries of his location on the surface, notwithstanding the course of the vein on its dip or More...
    In old English law. One foreign born; a foreigner. 7 Coke, 16. In Roman law. An heir not born in the family of the testator. Those of a foreign state. The same as alienus. Vicat; Du Cange. Extraneus est subditus qui extra terrain, i. e., potestatem regis natus est. 7 More...
    Out of the ordinary; exceeding the usual, average, or normal measure or degree. -Extraordinary average. A contribution by all the parties concerned in a mercantile voyage, either as to the vessel or cargo, toward a loss sustained by some of the parties in interest for the benefit of all. Wilson More...
    Out of a parish ; not within the bounds or limits of any parish. 1 Bl. Comm. 113, 284.
    The extra-territorial operation of laws; that is, their operation upon persons, rights, or jural relations, existing beyond the limits of the enacting state, but still amenable to its laws.
    In canon law. Those decretal epistles which were published after the Clementines. They were so called because at first they were not digested or arranged with the other papal constitutions, but seemed to be, as it were, detached from the canon law. They continued to be called by the same More...
    In the law of divorce. The infliction of grievous bodily harm or grievous mental suffering. Civ. Code Cal. 1903, | 94. Either personal violence or the reasonable apprehension thereof, or a systematic course of ill treatment affecting health and endangering life. Morris v. Morris, 14 Cal. 79, 73 Am. Dec. More...
    To constitute extreme hazard, the situation of a vessel must be such that there is imminent danger of her being lost, notwithstanding all the means that can be applied to get her off. King v. Hartford Ins. Co., 1 Conn. 421.
    When a person is sick beyond the hope of recovery, and near death, he is said to be in extremis. Extremis probatis, prasumuntur media. Extremes being proved, intermediate things are presumed. Tray. Lat Max. 207.
    Foreign; from outside sources; dehors. As to extrinsic evidence, see EVIDENCE.
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