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Bukh Law Firm, P.C.

14 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005
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Founded in 2003, Bukh Law Firm, P.C. has grown into the best criminal defense firm in New York. All the lawyers in our firm see each client as unique, and not just a name on a case file. Using careful research, diligence and strategy, we partner with our clients to provide the best possible outcome in each case.

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Attorneys in Firm     10
Attorney Bar Number     4105615
Practicing Law Since     2003

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  •     RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
    I've had THE WORST experience out of all the lawyers I've ever hired: he is extremely manipulative and dishonest, he did a very illegal "bate-and-switch" to me - TWICE!!! His colleagues called me every day to "request documents" and then charged me for every call, he charged me - hours!!! -for "studying similar cases" as they told me later - all while "forgetting" to study another law suit that was directly related to mine. I've never seen such a greedy and manipulative and dishonest person. He has a person in his staff to deal only with the complaining customers who has a hwile bunch of lied ready to tell. I left a feedback for him on, and - believe it or not - managed to remove it!!! - lying to them that I was never his client!!! - all while I have a signed contract with him!!! I had to submit the review on again, and he AGAIN tried to remove it, this time unsuccessfully. It just tells you a lot about what kind of person he is. My advise - RUN!!!!!!!!! Posted by : Natasha Stiles   On: 15 Sep 2013
  •     Decent lawyer 10
    I don't understand the hysteria of the previous reviewer. Arkady Bukh did a great job for me and tossed all criminal charges against me. Posted by : Andrew Manninger   On: 07 Nov 2014
  •     Amazing 10
    I am not a frequent 5-star'er (10 star-er in this occasion), but when I do put it online this means I am really satisfied. I would add I would come back, but hopefully not for a criminal defense case :) I was frustrated by a couple of other attorneys I had worked with who sometimes even failed to show up on my court appearance for any bizarre reason. I highly recommend Arkady for any type of DMV issue, be it a mere traffic ticket or a more serious DUI charge. Posted by : Sam Roberts   On: 18 Dec 2014
    This firm took over $25,000 of my money for a divorce, only went to court once, and hired an inexperienced lawyer to handle my case. They mistakenly filed in NYC for a NJ case. I ended up losing custody, visitation and paying an exorbitant amount of child support. They double billed me. They're a lawyer mill. Even the lawyer who handled my case told me she had NEVER seen my file until she met me in court for the hearing. They took advantage of me, while I was in an emotional state. Contact me if you want to see proof. I've finally filed a complaint with the Supreme Court Grievance Committee. FRAUDS FRAUDS FRAUDS. BEWARE. Posted by : Glenn Martin   On: 08 Mar 2018
  •     Empathetic and Clear advice 10
    Very smooth process for client onboarding, very organised and thorough firm. Very impressed with Arkadiy. Gave really clear advice and covered all of the areas I was concerned about. Posted by : Serhiy   On: 08 Apr 2023
  •     Fast, Efficient Service 10
    Arkadiy and his team have provided an excellent, first-class service at all times and I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending this company to anybody who wants a friendly, accurate Posted by : Yulia   On: 13 Apr 2023
  •     I have worked with Arkadiy Bukh for 18 months 10
    I have worked with Arkadiy Bukh for 18 months and he has supported me through 3 court cases and a really difficult time. Posted by : Alex   On: 20 Apr 2023
  •     Arkadiy Bukh Law 10
    Arkadiy Bukh Law Firm is absolutely superb - responsive, smart, empathetic and commercial, understanding the points to make and looking for the best solutions at all times. He has been very responsive, and I feel completley supported through this difficult and, at times complicated, process. He is also mindful of keeping costs down and proportionate. Would absolutely recommend. Posted by : Daria   On: 24 Apr 2023
  •     What an amazing firm 10
    What an amazing firm . Thank you so much for all your hard work and compassion throughout my case. A massive thank you to Arkadiy. I will definitely use this firm again without a shadow of a doubt. Posted by : Maxim   On: 01 May 2023
  •     Best lawyer in the USA 10
    Arkadiy and his team made us feel comfortable and welcome the very first minute we came to their office. His legal team is very organized, highly efficient, and truly dedicated in their work to get us our documents processed and approved the fastest way possible. Posted by : Anna   On: 05 May 2023
  •     Highly recommend 10
    Highly recommended if anyone had an accident and was injured do to it. The staff is incredible and the attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for all the help! Posted by : Anna   On: 20 May 2023
  •     Excellent lawyer Arkadiy Bukh 10
    The whole team have been so helpful, friendly and very informative. When I had no idea what to do they have helped and guided me so much through me very hard to deal with situation and managed go help me back to positivity. Posted by : Tatiana   On: 27 May 2023
  •     Great Service! 10
    I experienced great service from start to finish with my case. Good clear communication and advice. Costs were itemised and detailed with invoicing. Thanks again to Arkadiy and the team! Posted by : Zhanna   On: 12 Jun 2023
  •     Dream Team 10
    Bukh Law Firm is an absolute dream team. They acted with extremely high professionalism and patience while showing empathy for my situation. They made me feel at ease to have open and honest discussions to resolve a highly sensitive problem for me. I wouldn't hesitate to use Bukh Law Firm again in the future as I was really happy with their service from start to finish. Posted by : Svetlana   On: 14 Jun 2023
  •     Very professional lawyer 10
    I found Arkadiy to be very personable and extremely professional with dealing with my case. He took the time to listen and understand and was very patient throughhout the whole process. Thank you again, Arkadiy! Posted by : Olena   On: 16 Jun 2023
  •     WW2 German Trench Coat 1
    Good step you have written of writing content relating to cooperate sense. Better yet good working skills and hope you write more of this soon.WW2 German Trench Coat Posted by : Mike Rooney   On: 19 Jun 2023
  •     Top Gun Bomber Jacket Uk 1
    Excellent article. The writing style which you have used in this article is very good and it made the article of better quality. Top Gun Bomber Jacket Uk Posted by : Andrew Mark   On: 22 Jun 2023
  •     They managed my case perfectly 8
    Arkadiy managed my case perfectly, his team were very friendly, they always provided me with clear and concise expert advice. And I'm very glad I decided to go with Arkadiy Bukh Law Firm, I would highly recommend them to everyone. Posted by : Elizaveta   On: 23 Jun 2023
  •     Very good attorney 9
    Thank you for helping me through a difficult situation. The culprit was not only found guilty, but also in court they exacted a decent amount from him in my favor in the form of non-pecuniary damage. The lawyers of this company are competent and intelligent specialists. Posted by : Rinat   On: 09 Jul 2023
  •     Very good lawyer 10
    Very good lawyer, I know him for more than 10 years. He is great, he is very professional! Thank you very much for your job! Posted by : Denis   On: 15 Jul 2023
  •      Clear and helpful advice 9
    I can not stress enough how incredibly supportive Arkadiy have been to me in the most stressful and unpleasant time of my life. He gave me so much clear and helpful advice at every step and really helped me feel fully informed about my process. I can't thank him enough and would not have been able to handle my case as well as I have without them supporting me through it. I highly recommend Arkadiy Bukh company - they made my experience a lot less stressful! Posted by : John   On: 26 Jul 2023
  •     Very professional advice 9
    Arkadiy’s methodical and organised approached eliminated a lot of my worry and I was confident that he had matters in hand, which ultimately led to the right outcome for me. I appreciate Arkadiy's help and support and would not hesitate to recommend the firm to my friends. Posted by : Elizabeth   On: 28 Jul 2023
  •     Verugood lawyer 10
    I only have positive words to say about how wonderful Arkadiy was and a massive thank you for making sure my future was set up for me and my famiy. Posted by : James   On: 07 Aug 2023
  •     Excellent work 10
    I would highly recommend Arkadiy Buch. Within our first meeting, I received all the advice, insight and reassurance that I needed to begin navigating this difficult process. Posted by : James   On: 12 Aug 2023
  •     Very satisfied 10
    What impressed me most about Arkadiy office was their extensive knowledge of the law. It's clear that they possess a deep understanding of their field, and their ability to dissect complex legal matters and present them in a clear and concise manner was truly commendable. They tackled even the most intricate details of my case with confidence and precision. Posted by : Adan   On: 21 Aug 2023
  •     Supportive, professional and knowledgable 10
    Arkadiy was professional and showed great empathy to my situation. The company were always on hand to answer any questions and were great in communicating any updates. I could not have asked for better advice and support through a difficult time. Would recommend to anyone needed their expertise, Arkadiy's knowledge was incredible and always did the right thing by me and my situation. Posted by : Ivan   On: 29 Aug 2023
  •      The best customer service 10
    Without doubt the best customer service I’ve received from any lawyers, ever. A constant positivity through all staff from the valet personnel right up to top management. Arkadiy was courteous Posted by : Alex   On: 08 Sep 2023
  •     Highly recommend 10
    Arkadiy is representing me and he has been very transparent, helpful and diligent. He is always very quick to respond and has taken the time to walk me through complicated processes in a clear and simple way. Highly recommend. Posted by : Michail   On: 14 Sep 2023
  •     Very good 10
    My experience with Arkadiy Buch company is very satisfactory. The lawyer team was quite professional and highly experienced. The whole process went very smooth and hassle-free with them. I really appreciate their professionalism and dedication towards my case. Posted by : Igor   On: 18 Sep 2023
  •      The best customer service 10 10
    I’ve received from any lawyers, ever geometry dash Posted by : Karina   On: 22 Sep 2023
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