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The website was built by attorneys and for attorneys of the 21st century.  The team of licensed attorney professionals here at has a combined experience of over 20 years. As such, we recognize the importance of spending more of our time working for our clients and less marketing our practice.


The website connects attorneys with potential clients in a no hassle, simple minded, no nonsense way.  We have a highly trafficked directory that allows attorneys to be located in all 50 states.  The platform receives daily inquiries and telephone calls from potential clients looking for legal assistance. It is a source for leads for attorneys, a place for attorneys to advertise and also a community for lawyers and clients to discuss developing issues. 


Our mission is to never forget the community of attorneys who we view as partners in our efforts to leverage technology with the changing face of law in the 21st Century.


Sincerely From,


Matthew Ryan Reischer / Attorney / Founder & CEO

David Reischer / Attorney & CEO

& The Team

1 Penn Plaza - Suite 6105

New York, NY 10119


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