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Harold Dee Attorney At law PC

401 Crow Hill Rd
Mount Kisco, NY 10549
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Firm/Attorney Description

Harold Dee, a former NYS and NYC Traffic Ticket Court Judge, officiated at over twenty five thousand (25,000) hearings involving violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Ticket Law. Mr. Dee is based in the Hudson Valley in Westchester County, New York. He appears regularly in all Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Nassau, Suffolk, and Columbia County Courts as well as the City of New York. The practice is limited to representing motorists charged with traffic tickets, DWI and Refusals, (to submit to chemical test of breath, blood or urine), NYS DMV license problems, trucking related charges (overweight, off route, and log book violations), DMV Safety and Business Hearings, violation of DMV Commissioner's Regulations such as Registry Book, and improper MV 50 charges for Auto Dealers, and Article 19 charges against bus and school bus owners and operators. Mr. Dee will represent you in court for traffic tickets such as stop signs, speeding, red lights, signals, pavement markings, following to closely or other operating issue. For non-citizens, immigration problems may result from DWI convictions. Please visit the immigration page for a listing of the services we provide to help to avoid deportation and maintain eligibility for green card and citizenship status. Please call for a free telephone consultation. 800-HAROLD Dee (800-427-6533) Attorney Harold Dee, a former New York State Traffic Court Judge, located his law practice in Mt. Kisco, in Westchester County, NY, in 1993 shortly after leaving the Bronx Traffic Court bench.. Harold Dee has been a practicing lawyer since 1974, thirty eight blemish free years. Former Judge Dee is a member in good standing of the New York State Bar Association, the Westchester County Bar Association, and the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. Mr. Dee can go to Court with you, or for you, (non criminal) and represent you on the criminal Drunk Driving charge, speeding, any other moving violation, or traffic ticket or NYS DMV matter. A criminal charge such as DWI, Reckless Driving, Speed Contest, Driving While License Suspended, or other criminal charge, normally requires your personal appearance before the local criminal court. Exceptions are made for out of state motorists or for compelling reasons justifying your non-appearance. Our location in northern Westchester County enables us to be in Bronx, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, and Rockland Counties on your behalf within thirty minutes. IN THE HUDSON VALLEY We know the Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Columbia and Rockland County court clerks, the Judges and their tolerance levels. Twenty five thousand (25,000) Vehicle & Traffic Ticket Hearings in the Bronx and Manhattan Traffic Courts involving common traffic ticket offenses such as speeding, disobeying signs, red lights, uninsured, unregistered, uninspected, following to closely, school bus violations, and other traffic ticket violations, made Harold Dee well versed in this area.. In addition to his appearances in Westchester County, Harold Dee appears in Putnam County, (Southeast, Patterson, Putnam Valley, Carmel, Phillipstown, and Kent), Dutchess County, (East Fishkill, Fishkill, Poughkeepsie, Lagrangeville, Wappingers, Milan, Amenia), Rockland County, (Orangetown, Spring Valley, Clarkstown, Nyack, South Nyack, Grand View, Stony Point, Airmont, Sloatsburg, Haverstraw, Suffern), Columbia County, (Gallatin, Claverack, Ancram, Copake, Taghkanic, Canaan, Chatham), Sullivan County, (Mamakating, Bloomingburg, Monticello, Liberty), Orange County, (Warwick, Harriman, Blooming Grove, Wallkill, Highlands, Tuxedo, Newburgh, Goshen, Woodbury, Chester), New York County, Bronx County, Queens County, Kings County, (Brooklyn), Richmond County, (Staten Island), Nassau County, (Hempstead, Bellerose, Mineola, Oyster Bay, Roslyn, Brookville, East Hills, Garden City, Lawrence, Malverne, Floral Park, Brookville, Mill Neck, Freeport, Cedarhurst, Centre Island, Cove Neck), and Suffolk County (Bellport, Patchogue, East Hampton, Southold, Quogue, Southampton, Lloyd Harbor, Northport, Huntington, Riverhead, Amityville). After thirty eight years of representing motorists. the firm is associated with skilled traffic attorneys throughout the state should your ticket be north of Albany County. Speeding charges are violations of Vehicle Traffic Law Section 1180, further explained below. Drunk Driving or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), is a violation of Section 1192 of the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law. Driving while under the influence of drugs (legal or illegal) is prohibited under Section 1194 of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law. A current copy of the NYS Vehicle Traffic Law law is available in book form at most NYSDMV locations for about $2.25. The Department of Motor Vehicles, NYSDMV, partners with the Town, Village, and/or City Traffic Courts, and you, the holder of the license, in any penalties to be suffered for violations convicted of, not the violation originally charged with. Plea Bargaining is alive and well outside the City of New York and other Traffic Violation Bureau jurisdictions. The prosecutor normally will offer a lesser charge for the client to consider pleading too in satisfaction of the docket of the original charges. Plea agreements may or may not be favorable when compared to what the possible consequences might be if one is not successful at trial. Three (3) speeding convictions in 18 months leads to a 6 month suspension of your license (or out of state privileges) here in New York State. You may be eligible for a "restricted use" license good for work, school, child care, court, medical/dental for you and members of your household, and 3 hours personal time weekly. Cost $75.00. Eligible for restricted use license once every 3 yrs. ANY GUILTY PLEA TO A TRAFFIC INFRACTION, Other than equipment, VOIDS RESTRICTED/CONDITIONAL LICENSE. No re-licensing to end date of original suspension. Not eligible for another "Restricted"(3 speeds/11 points within 18 months) for three years. Not eligible for another "Conditional" (alcohol/drugs) for five years. For some other moving traffic ticket violations you may not need an attorney or an attorney may not be able to do any better than you may be able to do for yourself, assuming no defense to the charge (unlicensed, uninspected or uninsured), in a particular court with a particular judge. An attorney can appear without you, on your behalf, with proper authorization, thereby not interfering with your workday. The firm knows the various traffic court judges and their proclivities, having practiced for over twenty (20) years, in most of the local courts on a monthly or weekly basis on the behalf of clients. We can tell you what an offer might be to a particular charge in lieu of trial. Do you have a clean license and are fearful of insurance increases? Did you know that not all point bearing traffic ticket convictions cause an insurance increase? A no point violation for an adult seat belt may incur insurance company increases as the violations, although no-points, evidence an increased risk to your insurance carrier should you be involved in an accident. If your license is from "out of state" or Canada, look for a disposition that does not violate a law in your home state or the Ontario Province of Canada's motor vehicle laws, rules and regulations. DRUNK DRIVING IN NEW YORK STATE If you are charged with Drunk Driving, DWI, in the State of New York it is a Misdemeanor, a crime! If this is the second time you are charged with a DWI within ten years of a conviction for DWI, you face a Felony charge. If convicted of any Felony (including multiple DWI convictions) you will be required to surrender your law, medical, or other professional license! Are you ready for a career change? We have successfully represented doctors, lawyers, accountants, stock brokers, and other professionals whose lives would be devastated by a Felony conviction. DWI PENALTIES Penalties for DWI include jail and/or probation, loss of driving privileges for up to five (5) years, a lifetime revocation in some instances, mandatory substance abuse counseling, Mandatory installation of Ignition Interlock Devices (IID) (at $100 install fee plus $80 monthly untill full license restored, in any car owned or operated by you, DWI fines in the thousands of dollars plus surcharges, plus NYS DMV assessments starting at $750.00. Sanctions also include a prohibition against driving into Canada. An individual convicted of, or even simply charged with, an alcohol related violation within the last ten years (reflected on your driver abstract) may fly into or take the Amtrak train into Canada or even be a passenger in a vehicle, but may not drive himself or his vehicle into Canada! After three years from your conviction, a fee of approximately $350.00 may be paid to the Canadian Consulate to lift the prohibition against you. An alcohol conviction also brings increased auto, homeowner, umbrella and keyman insurance premiums, if not dropped all together! If your reading this prior to a dwi arrest then take heed and and cab home. The next day get a lift back and pick up your vehicle. You'll save yourself thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache! Harold Dee can help. Review the web material, call our office for a free telephone consultation. Mr. Dee is an experienced trial attorney with over 100 DWI trials and DMV Refusal Hearings. HAROLD DEE, REPRESENTING GOOD PEOPLE IN BAD SITUATIONS There are many defenses to alcohol related charges. Tell us what happened and help us to help you! We employ expert witnesses' and investigator' to attack the credibility of the complaining officers, the blood, breath and/or urine testing device and results. We challenge the arresting officer's common law opinion regarding your state of sobriety. In addition to DWI defense, the firm defends clients charged with other traffic, speeding and/or criminal offenses, including: Driving with suspended or revoked license (AUO) Operating a vehicle with a suspended registration Out of State Tickets received on a NYS license Driving without insurance (Uninsured Operation) Reckless driving - misdemeanor Speed contest - misdemeanor Unsafe lane change Following to closely (Tailgating) Hit and run - misdemeanor if personal injury Other VTL (Vehicle and Traffic Law) offenses DWI / DUI Speeding Traffic Tickets Motions to Vacate Guilty pleas or findings Suspended or Revoked License Trucking Overweight Tickets Misdemeanor Charges Felony DWI (prior DWI conviction within 10 years) or as of 12/18/2009 a Felony is charged for a first time violator with a minor (under 16) in the vehicle Mr. Dee helps people charged with speeding and other traffic and criminal offenses. Harold Dee understands the legal system and works hard to win by presenting the best possible arguments and defenses on your behalf. Please call our office or contact us online for a free telephone consultation with a knowledgeable paralegal or attorney to discuss your pending New York speeding ticket or other traffic ticket, or DWI misdemeanor or felony matter. Free Consultation Contact Us Name: Email: Phone: Message: Recent News Any drivers caught talking or texting on a hand-held cell phone in New York State will face additional punishment: three points on their license and a hefty fine of $150.00, plus surcharges and fees of up to $85.00. According to DMV officers distracted driving contributes to a least one out of every five crashes. Each year over 300,000 tickets are issued statewide for cell phone violations. Practice Areas Vehicle & Traffic Ticket Law Changes in Cell Phones and Texting Laws While Driving DWI / DUI COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES OF A DRUNK DRIVING CONVICTION SURVIVING THE DWI CAR STOP THE DMV REFUSAL HEARING Leandra's Law - The Ignition Interlock Law for convictions of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Speeding Traffic Tickets United States Motor Vehicle Departments by State Motions to Vacate Traffic Tickets Suspended or Revoked License Overweight Traffic Tickets Misdemeanor Charges Immigration, Naturalization & Visa law

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Attorneys in Firm     3
Attorney Bar Number     2290674
Practicing Law Since     1974

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