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NY Traffic Firm

741 Madison Ave, 4th Fl.
New York, New York 10065
Phone:(212) 300-2832
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Daniel Kron of NY Traffic Firm is one of the most well-known lawyers in New York City practicing traffic law and license suspensions.

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Attorneys in Firm     1
Attorney Bar Number     4466918
Practicing Law Since     2007

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  •     Perfect 10
    Dan is a remarkable DUI attorney - my heavyweight stuff was completely dismissed. Posted by : Mandy   On: 08 Nov 2017
  •     Great 10
    Traffic citations and violations may seem minor, something that you can brush off if you’re clever enough, but this is a common mistake that can lead to a suspended or even revoked driver’s license if you are not careful. If you are having legal issues regarding traffic citations, violations, or crimes like DWI/DUI, Daniel Kron, Esq. of New York Traffic Firm is an experienced and wise choice. Educated at Syracuse University, he earned his legal license to practice in 2006 and has used the last two decades to hone his legal skills to a keen edge. Those who have been accused of more serious traffic crimes, like driving while intoxicated, often face an uphill legal battle and years of fines, classes, and rules to follow before being able to drive freely and legally once again. However, Mr. Kron has countless hours of experience handling these types of cases--in fact, Mr. Kron once defended a client who was facing deportation due to a felony DWI offense, and through his legal acumen and argumentation, was able to successfully defend his client and obtain a positive outcome without forcing the client to leave the country. Among other types of cases, Mr. Kron has experience working with clients who are facing issues from a DWI, driving without a license or on a suspended license, speeding tickets, restoration of driver’s license, as well as DWI refusal hearings. He has been able to successfully defend clients from each one of these charges and has aided his clients in getting back on the road in a safe and legal manner. If you or a loved one are dealing with legal problems due to traffic violations and citations, contact Mr. Kron at New York Traffic Firm as soon as you can. The more quickly you take care of traffic issues, the more quickly you can be on the road once again. Posted by : Dan   On: 30 Sep 2020
  •     I have faced serious hair loss 5
    I have been facing a lot of hair fall and dandruff lately and i still have two bottles of shampoos and conditioners in stock. Can't even use them. Posted by : Mallika Makker   On: 01 Apr 2021
  •     Fraud 1
    No help at all wants you to pay 5$ just for a conversation over the internet!! Fraud Posted by : NaTasha   On: 01 Jul 2021
  •     Hair loss balding 5
    I honestly have been saying this for years and I didn’t know where to turn. This stuff dried my hair out so bad t begin to break. I not hide my hair was no longer full and I begin to bald on the edges. Posted by : Jasmine Randolph   On: 01 Jul 2021
  •     Hair 1
    Now Ik why my hair is fucked up Posted by : Omer Yassin   On: 02 Jul 2021
  •     Hair thinned then came out 5
    I have been using and is still using my hair thinned and then came out really bad Posted by : Tomeka Blocket   On: 02 Jul 2021
  •     5 10
    I have spent so much money on this product. I go to the beauty shop weekly using shampoo and conditioner still using product Posted by : Tomeka Blocker   On: 02 Jul 2021
  •     So much hair loss 1
    I used these products and couldn't understand why my hair was coming out in clumps more and more and why I had chunks of dandruff more then ever. With already thin hair naturally, this product truly did so much damage. Posted by : Jillian Goffin   On: 05 Jul 2021
  •     Hair loss using shampoo and conditioner ogx 5
    In the past loved this type of shampoo and conditioner because it has got great reviews, however recently noticed losing more and more hair since using the shampoo and conditioner ogx. Posted by : Mallory Nelson   On: 06 Jul 2021
  •     Hair loss using shampoo and conditioner ogx 5
    Been getting this shampoo and conditioner for quit some time now. However recently noticed that losing more and more hair since been using the shampoo and conditioner ogx. I do realize that there are different kinds of shampoo but have been using all of the kinds each of the shampoo and conditioner ogx during the past couple of months. Thank u have a good rest of ur night Mallory Nelson Posted by : Mallory Nelson   On: 06 Jul 2021
  •     OGX Hair Loss 5
    I have been using this shampoo/conditioner for about a 2 years. I used the one for thin hair in hopes that it would help my baby fine hair. Unbeknownst to me, all it did was royally kill it. It was down to the middle of my back and I'm about to have to chop it up to my ears. It's fried, it's breaking off close to the scalp, I hardly have any hair on the right side and it's brittle to the touch. I've had testing done and everything has come back clean so this has got to be what is causing the severe loss and damage. Posted by : Briana Wolfe   On: 06 Jul 2021
  •     Disappointed 4
    I have been using products such as shampoo and conditioner for about 3 years since high school, in order to take care of my hair, hydrate it and keep it in excellent condition, since I had good references on web pages, about this product, but not really I see improvement, my hair was thick and of a lot of quantity and now my hair is very thin and does not stop falling out, I thought it was due to some disease but I did studies I went to a specialist and he forbade me to use this brand, I am disappointed. Posted by : Karyme Romero Landa   On: 06 Jul 2021
  •     Not Happy 10
    I’ve been using argan oil products for over 3 years now visiting beauty stores weekly and only buying these products Shampoos and conditioners mousse included. I have short hairs that stick out from my scalp from falling out was getting worried because i had a lot of breakage and fall out that i started using a hair refining mask and it made it much healthier the next day i read about this issue and threw all my stuff right into the trash supper unhappy! Posted by : Brianna De Vries   On: 06 Jul 2021
  •     Ogx customer 10
    I have 4 bottles of ogx in my shower as we speak. Have been having hairless as well as painful bumps but just assumed it was from stress or aging Posted by : Ann Keplar   On: 06 Jul 2021
  •     OGX Customer 10
    I am a current customer of OGX and have been trying to figure out why my daughter (who is 5 years old) having so much hair falling out ! Absolutely upsetting. Posted by : Monica Calees   On: 07 Jul 2021
  •     Organix Shampoo made my hair fall out 1
    I started using the shampoo and did not associate my hair loss with the shampoo. I purchased hundreds of dollars worth of vitamins and hair toppers and wigs because the issue became so bad. I am mad. Posted by : Robin Mangino   On: 08 Jul 2021
  •     OGX Biotin and Collogen Shampoo 10
    Biotin and collogen shampoo and conditioner caused my hair to fall out. If it gets in my beard the hair follicules start falling out and thinning within the next few days after use. I've realized this reaction but could never point to the reacting chemical till now. In addition, when I stop using it on my head the hair slowly stops falling out until repeated use. I'm willing to document reaction on my beard for this case. You can literally see the reaction within a week's time. Posted by : Amine Beydoun   On: 09 Jul 2021
  •     Brittle hair, hair fall out 10
    I have been using OGX Moroccan oil for years and ever since my hair has gotten more fragile and brittle and fallen out Posted by : Roger Haney   On: 10 Jul 2021
  •     Hair loss, damage 8
    I have some pretty rough damage to my hair and my hairdresser says it likely will never be the same. I have lost alot of it after showering and using OGX and it has even thinned out ALOT. I used to have long thick hair.. Posted by : Katlyn Peterson   On: 10 Jul 2021
  •     Major hair loss 8
    I have been using this brand for years and have had severe hair loss, and balding. My hair was falling out so bad while using this product that I went to several doctors. Had to have lots of tests done accumulating tons of medical debt. To find out why my hair was falling out. And it was all because of these shampoos and conditioners! Posted by : Courtney Wood   On: 11 Jul 2021
  •     Major hair loss and thinning 9
    I’ve been using this brand for years both the Argon oil shampoo and conditioner And the argon oil and my hair has become so brittle and thin from using this product, for like 8 years or so…. Posted by : Alexandria Dunbar   On: 11 Jul 2021
  •     Patches of hair missing 10
    Thought it was genetics, turns out it's this, I have patchiness in my hair and major fallout constantly. Also changed my curl pattern. Used every scent by them Posted by : Julianne Eimanverdi   On: 12 Jul 2021
  •     Clumps of hair loss over the last year 7
    I've been using ogx brand for the last 2 years and I had a child back in May 2020. I thought my rapid hair fall was hormones changing but it been a year and it seems to have only gotten worse. I most used the coconut curls shampoo and conditioner. Posted by : Venus Janow   On: 14 Jul 2021
  •     OGX Customer 8
    Over the years I have always used their lines, I had notice I was loosing a lot more hair than usual but never would I thought it was the products I was using! Posted by : Kimberly Stars   On: 16 Jul 2021
  •     OGX Hairloss 9
    I started using OGX products in 2020. I bought around 5 products. I started noticing much of my hair was coming out, more than ever before. My hair stopped growing and got so much thinner. After a month I started to get extremely insecure and I approached my doctor about my hairloss as I am so young. I stopped using the products after 4 months or so when I realized it was the OGX products affecting my hair. I immediately stopped using the products and my hair has went completely back to normal and is very healthy now. Posted by : Kierra Hughes   On: 16 Jul 2021
  •     OGX customer scalp irritation/ hair loss 9
    My scalp would itch and feel tight irritated after using several different OGX Shampoos and conditioner products coconut curls, keratin smooth with biotin thinningitching stingy, argon oil both of these argon oil real itchy lots of thinning spots all over scalp. I'm so upset to discover the products aren't as company said organic ingredients my but not allergies friendly as I had been led to believe. Explained so much to why I had so many issues with a supposedly organic shampoo and conditioner. Posted by : Elizabeth Juarez   On: 17 Jul 2021
  •     OGX 3
    While using this product I thought I would be doing good and it would help my hair from bring brittle and dry but it only made it worse. It started falling out getting thin and my scalp became irritated but I thought it was from not having it tied at night but it’s actually this stuff. I use rose water and sulfur 8 now and it definitely soothed the irritation. Posted by : Tashona Brooks   On: 17 Jul 2021
  •     OGX Hair Loss and Breakage 9
    I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about two years on my daughter hair. I started to notice that her hair was not growing and was starting to become brittle. I didn’t know why until I seen this lawsuit and it explains it all of what I was thinking is my daughter hair is falling out. I threw all of them products in the trash can. This is very disappointing she is in middle school and now I have to take her to get her hair cut. Posted by : Latonya Plum   On: 03 Aug 2021
  •     Hair falling out 5
    My hair has been falling out at a rapid pace. I was so concerned I’ve had several thyroid tests since that is a symptom of having issues with your thyroid. Each time the test came back negative. I couldn’t figure out why I was losing so much hair. Now I know the reason. My hairdresser commented regularly Lesa you’re losing a lot of hair what is going on. Posted by : Lisa Everett   On: 14 Aug 2021
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