05/19/12, 7:07 am
I have a tenant that had a three months lease. He accepted the apartment knowing that the hall light and the basement was on his unit. We agreed verbaly that we would pay 2/3 of the utility bill and he would pay 1/3. He deducted $250 each month from the rent which he paid in cash and did not want a receipt. We realized that he was over charging us and in March we had all utilities changed into our name. After the utilities was changed into our name he received a bill for $180.00 and demanded his money back. He became very irate. The police had to be called. We did however paid him $135 by money order this time because we realized the typed of person we were dealing with. He was asked to moved by certified mail. This was on the 13th of April. He received the letter and signed for it. Now he wants to sue us because he claimes that he paid utilities for almost a year and was not reinbursed. He took the money out of the rent. He is very hard to reason with. He threaen to do hurt my husband and he used vile lanuage toward me. Can he sue us for money that has already been paid to him. It's makes no sense that he would stay there a year without complaiing about utilities until we had the utilities changed into our name and he said that the utility bill was a $180.00. Which we paid $135.00 by money order to him. Can he sue us for this? He was asked to move several times before and he became very irate. Do you think that this would stand up in court that he paid all utilitis bills for almost a year without taking it out of the rent. This guy is a bully and very dishonest. Why would he stay so long if he was not taking it out of the rent. He has stopped paying rent completely now. He also said that we would pay for calling the police on him. He paid rent in cash and did not want a receipt. He is on a month to month lease. He moved in only to stay 3 months. If we were being so unjust to him, why didn't he move. He is only 45. I am in my late 50's and my husband is in his 60's. I feel that we were the ones who was taken advanced of. What can we do about this?
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Heewon O'Connor Says:

Jun 14,2012 10:42 AM

Do you have a written lease agreement that shows an agreed amount of rent or was it also verbal? It is a quite complicated set of facts and it seems that a lot of claims are intertwined. If you want him out of the apartment for non payment of rent, you should start an eviction process. Talk to an attorney and find out what will be the best option.

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