06/27/12, 4:04 pm
I signed a contract to work for a photographer in my town. In her contract she stated that upon termination of my contract with her, i am not allowed to own my own photography business for at least a year after I stop working with her unless it is in another state. I overlooked this slightly when signing and wasn't really aware of how this could effect me. I am having a hard time working with her and we have not actually worked together yet. She's very short and dismissive and self-centered and hasn't featured any of my work on her website or facebook page since i started representing her business. If i leave now, I can't start my own business because of her terms stated in the contract. Is this actually legal for her to not allow me to have a business in the same field?
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Heewon O'Connor Says:

Jun 28,2012 7:50 AM

A non-compete agreements is enforceable when it is narrowly tailored to protect business interests, it does not impose undue hardship on the employee, and it is not injurious to the public. I need more information to give you an answer, but if the contract says you cannot work anywhere in Illinois for one year, I think it is unreasonable and thus probably not enforceable. Have an attorney review the contract to know what kind of remedies or rights you have.

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