06/11/13, 4:04 am
Narcotics unit knocked on my door, pulled me out of the house put me in handcuffs, said they had me on two controlled meth buys and escorted me into my home. They told me if I cooperated it would all go away, searched my house as I told them to stop that I wasn't giving them permission to search. They found a pipe and .2 gm and arrested me but said it was merely a walk through. I began cooperating as they promised my safety. I gave up one person, and they called and said they arrested them and that the person thought it was someone else that gave him up. They said hopefully he wouldn't find out in the police report. I said you promised to protect me and I am now fearful because this person is a violent criminal. I continued saying if they found out they would have me beaten and possibly killed. The merely said I'll talk to you later. What do I do?
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Nicholas Wooldridge Says:

May 18,2015 2:11 PM

The first thing to do is not to post information such as this on a public access internet board with so much information. Anyone in this situation should seek the advice of an attorney prior to making any statements to the police.

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