06/06/12, 6:06 pm
My husband and I took our boat to a local auto shop to get reupholstered and the engine worked on. When we picked up our boat we realized that they did not carpet the entire boat as they said and they only carpeted half of the boat, yet still charged us full price. After several arguments and discussions with this shop, they admitted to their mistake but refused to give us any of our money back. They stopped responding to us (phone and email) so my husband and I just decided to let it go since there was nothing else we can do. I posted negative reviews on many websites such as google, yahoo and their own website. I did not post any threats or any lies. I posted nothing but exactly what happened. Today, my work started receiving random emails from "yahoo" email addresses saying that they spoke with me regarding purchasing services and products and I provided bad customer service and they will not give my employer their business because of how I acted when they inquired. The emails were absurd and did not relate to what my company does at all. I looked up the names of the emails that came through and they were employees for the auto body shop that I posted negative reviews about!! Is there anything I can do?? I'm also not sure what this is considered. Thank you!!
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Heewon O'Connor Says:

Jun 12,2012 2:36 PM

Hello, I understand how frustrated you must be right now. If the email was directed to a third party (e.g. your employer or/and coworkers), then it is an actionable defamation claim. Since the email attacks your ability in your employment duties, you are presumed to be damaged by the statement. You can hire an attorney and write them a letter demanding to stop making such false claims and/ or sue them for libel. If you ultimately decide to sue them, you can include the original breach of contract claim in your defamation suit as well.

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