04/09/12, 11:11 pm
Hello, I just launched a blog not too long ago. We created a logo that we are very proud of. We have been active since January 1, this year. A popular (adult) website has started using a strikingly similar concept in their logo, where they fix certain items to letters in the image. (I'm not sure how much detail I'm supposed to be going into). We are currently raising money to increase our advertising efforts. Now that this website is using a similar logo, we're concerned that if we start placing our logo on t-shirts and stickers, people will be confused (or think we ripped off the porn site). We fear this could be detrimental to our business if we want to make this a long term commitment. Our logo is not a registered trademark, but we have notified the viewers by placing a TM next to it. We feel we have sufficient proof of first use. We probably have enough money to register the trademark, but not enough to take anyone to court. My question is, should we pursue registration? should we send a cease-and-desist? should we just give up and be trampled on by the porn industry? Thank you for your time, Jamisen
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Evan Guthrie Says:

Jul 09,2012 6:33 PM

Trademark logo first then assert trademark against other company. Evan Guthrie Law Firm is licensed to practice law throughout the state of South Carolina. The Evan Guthrie Law Firm practices in the areas of estate planning probate wills living trust special needs trusts personal injury accident and divorce and family law and entertainment law. For further information visit his website at . Follow on Twitter!/ekglaw Like on Facebook . Avvo LinkedIn Google + Evan Guthrie Law Firm 164 Market Street Suite 362 Charleston SC 29401 843-926-3813

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