05/30/16, 2:02 pm
Laws on he said she said. Only evidence is her word against mine. If I tell an idividual not to get I'm my car but they get in anyways and the reason is cause my son as in the car. I was not high or drunk. I did not want her in the car neither did her daughter. Daughter wanted her to stay cause she did not want to be left alone. I Did not want her in the car cause I did know if she had drugs or drug pharfoniliya. When I asked her what she had in her bag she did not tell me. She said it's not my business to know that.. She went crazy yelling pretending I was going to hit her yelling let me out. Trying to deliberately get me pulled over cause she was going to plant drugs in my car. So 15 minutes later I pull off to the side of road and she gets out car we both smoke and she ask me if I could take her home. I Said YES first go to my friends house for 15-30 minutes, then take her home drop her off then go back to friends house for 30 45 MINUTES then go back home with my friend to make sure I don't get jumped. I'm there for.15 minutes cops enter have no idea there in there way and tel me I'm wanted for questioning, but won't tell me what I'm being charged with
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Zannie Carlson Says:

Aug 23,2016 9:44 PM

This is an old question, and I'm sorry for that, but I am happy to answer. The first thing you should have done is ask whether you were free to leave, or whether you were being arrested. If you were not free to leave, you are entitled to an attorney's presence during questioning, which you should ALWAYS request. Never speak to the police without an attorney present. If you can't afford one, the police can provide you a public defender. Getting to your question about he said/she said: is it possible to have charges filed against you when there is no physical evidence of an incident, and the only evidence is the word of a witness? Yes. Can the government pursue this case even when you have made statements that contradict the witness' statement? Yes. Could you be convicted on the basis of her word alone? Yes. You need to work with an attorney to find out all the inconsistencies in her report, how you can show she lied to police, and how the government cannot prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. I hope this turned out okay for you and you were able to get the legal assistance you needed.

Zannie Carlson

,Seattle, Washington

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