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2730 University Blvd W #604
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902
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Began his legal career as an associate for a personal injury law firm, collaborating on several six-figure settlements and lengthy civil jury trials. Since forming Jezic & Moyse, LLC as a founding partner, he has been part of a team of lawyers who successfully settled a District of Columbia medical malpractice case for a high seven-figure amount. Attorney David Moyse obtained a complete acquittal from a jury in a high-profile First Degree Rape in Montgomery County in July, 2010. In January of 2010, Mr. Moyse and Mr. Jezic, in a jury trial in Prince Georges County, convinced the prosecutor to do something very rare: to dismiss all charges in an Armed Robbery case after the defense cross-examination of the two main State witnesses, who had positively identified the defendant in court. In April of 2010, Maryland criminal attorneys Mr. Moyse and Mr. Jezic obtained a nearly complete acquittal from a Montgomery County jury in the high profile prosecution of a former Maryland State Trooper who was accused of a sex offense while on duty. In May of 2010, Mr. Moyse and Mr. Jezic achieved an acquittal from a Montgomery County jury of all felony charges in a Manslaughter case. In 2011, David was co-counsel on a five day jury trial in Montgomery county where the jury found the defendant not guilty of all counts of sexual assault despite a videotaped confession being played to the jury. Read article. In 2012, Moyse continued to enjoy success in jury trials, earning a complete acquittal in a two-day robbery trial, and then convincing a jury to completely acquit his client of DWI/DUI despite the client blowing a BAC over the legal limit of 0.08. David has continued his success in the courtroom in 2013, obtaining a complete acquittal for a man accused of sexual assault. The jury was so persuaded by Moyse’s closing argument, that they returned a not guilty verdict in only 15 minutes. In December 2014, Mr. Moyse obtained a complete acquittal for his client, an Honorably Discharged Marine, who had been accused of breaking into a police officer’s home and holding him at gunpoint. The police officer swore under oath that Moyse’s client had stolen his gun and pointed it in his face. The officer had also called 911 to report being held at gun point. Moyse used the police officer’s prior testimony and 911 call to highlight inconsistencies and convince the jury to find his client not guilty on all charges. Mr. Moyse is licensed to practice criminal law in Maryland and is a member of the Maryland Association for Justice, Montgomery County Bar Association, Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys Association and Maryland State Bar Association. Moyse also practices in the areas of civil litigation and domestic affairs, representing clients in personal injury and medical malpractice cases, as well as divorce and custody disputes. Mr. Moyse received his J.D. from the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, where he was an Archbishop Fellowship Scholar and graduated cum laude. While in law school, he served as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Contemporary Health Law & Policy, publishing a comment of changes to Medicare funding in 2006. He earned his B.S. in Business Administration and Finance from the American University in Washington, D.C. You may email Mr. Moyse at or call him in the office at (240) 292-7200.

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  •     Your a peice of shit 1
    How can you in good conscience defend a young man who is an illegal immigrant that raped a 14 year old, A FOURTEEEEN YEAR OLD, just in case you didnt understand that the first time i spelled it out for you, and slander the character of a 14 year old who is to young to have a stable or established character that say a...... older individual should have? she is just a kid, i wonder how would you feel if it was one of your young daughters that experienced what that young girl experienced, would you call the character of your own young daughter into question? would you defend the abusers instead of your own child? based on your decision to take this case, you probably would defend the criminal before your own child, and call your child a slut and tell her thats good that this happen to you maybe now you will learn to not dress like a 14 year old hoe and you wont get raped!! thats the type of mentality you look like you have to me, maybe you are doing what you are doing because you are secretly molesting your own daughter so these act committed by these men are numbing to you because you are doing it your self, you need to get a soul and a back bone, because you have lost yours. Go watch the devils advocate with keanu reeves and al pacino maybe just maybe you will learn something. This comment that i sent you is not a threat but more of a vocal venting and an expression of fustration against a man who seems to not know right from wrong anymore and defends criminals, just disgusting Posted by : Youra Asswipe   On: 28 Mar 2017
  •     Brilliant 10
    I had the pleasure of meeting with David recently. He is very sharp, and can think a case through to its conclusion. In less than 30 minutes he formed a plan for me that took into account my history as well as the way the Maryland legal system works, and even included the behavior of the judge on my case. His all-encompassing knowledge and ability to bridge different disciplines was impressive. He was confident but not arrogant, and very well-versed in the law, the legal system, the judges in the legal system, psychology, and human behavior. I feel very confident moving forward with him as my attorney. Posted by : Walker Boh   On: 29 Aug 2018
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