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Taracks & Associates

3210 W. Cypress St.
Tampa, Florida 33607
Phone:(813) 990-0599
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With more than 50 years of collective experience, our Tampa criminal defense attorneys at Taracks & Associates can capably represent individuals facing a variety of criminal charges. As former prosecutors, we are able to mount a convincing defense to your case and undermine the opposition’s strategy. Open 24/7, we fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf and are available to provide you with time-tested legal guidance and advice so that you can make an informed decision about your future. From misdemeanors to federal offenses, our firm can fight to uphold your rights.

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  •     Talks a good talk but no follow through once you pay him! 1
    We met Attorney Barry Taracks when my 21 year old son was arrested for a DUI in 2016. We interviewed several Tampa attorneys and selected Barry because of his positive "can do" attitude and also the confidence he displayed about his networking skills and knowledge of the process. Since my son was not caught driving drunk, nor were there any videos of him drinking and driving and he had never been arrested ever in his life at anytime for anything, Barry said that a 'reckless driving' conviction should be expected as a worse case scenario. Of course he could not promise the outcome and we didn't expect him to know what the outcome would be. However, he told us he was an aggressive attorney who knows the key players at the police departments and courthouse to plea the case down. He said he would craft and write a well thought out letter to the DA describing my son's accomplishments and recent graduation from college to help put a story behind the accused defendant, my son. He also said, if a worst case scenario DUI conviction occurred, he had a great contact for cheap auto insurance to 'get my son back on his feet'. Well, once we paid the $3500 to his secretary, Brenda (who all of a sudden becomes unfriendly and hard to reach) everything changed. Barry was always busy and never returned calls or emails. Months and months went by with his office asking the court for a continuance on my son's case. We NEVER saw any letter ever written and provided to the DA about my son's good behavior, being on the Dean's list at college or any of his accomplishments. After almost a year of delaying my son's case, he tells my son that the 'new judge' is really tough on first time DUI offenders and convinced my son that taking a plea deal of 'no contest' was the way to go. After the hearing was over, and my son was officially convicted of a DUI (since he didn't have an attorney who spent anytime planning a strategy for his case and defense) we asked for the auto insurance contact that he spoke of during our consultation. Well, after many requests we didn't receive a name, contact number or even an email back from his law office with help or suggestions. He didn't provide any assistance whatsoever on how to proceed with getting my son's drivers license back, the classes to take, where to pay his fines, where the probation office is located, or what type of auto insurance to seek....NOTHING!!!! So, here is my suggestion if you are looking for an attorney to handle your DUI. Save your $3500 and use a public defender because they will truly have the contacts, know the process and will probably pay more attention to your case then Barry Taracks. I am incredibly disappointed on his lack of attention to details and caring about what really happens to his clients. I will give him credit for being able to talk a good game and he certainly likes to continuously tell his stories about all of the clients he has 'gotten off' but he sure didn't put forth any effort in my son's case. Had I selected an attorney that really walked the talk, then my son could of had a much better defense and a chance of receiving a 'reckless' conviction. Then he wouldn't have a DUI on his record to ruin his future employment opportunities and his auto insurance would not be almost $10,000 a year. Do your research when looking for an attorney! Posted by : Debra J.   On: 29 Aug 2017
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