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Law Office of Steven L. Fritsch

300 Carlsbad Village Dr Ste 216
Carlsbad, California 92008
Phone:(760) 683-2071
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Carlsbad divorce and family law attorney.

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  •     73 days and Zero Contact 1
    Seventy-three days ago, Steven was appointed Minor's Counsel for my son because father was showing him court docs and damaging him with lies and parental alienation. Even with many requests to do his job, Steven has done absolutely nothing for the case. He hasn't contacted my son (15-year-old) and he's been very unprofessional. In my first phone call with him, I respectfully asked him, "What's the game plan?" His harsh rude tone and response was along the lines of "I don't need to tell you my plan. I don't need your approval. I'm representing my client." Seriously, Steven is "representing" my son and it's been 73 days with zero attempts to contact him. He has clearly proven he can't protect my son and be his advocate. It takes five minutes to call my son. Posted by : Kim Kim   On: 06 Jan 2023
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