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Crowell Law Offices

1510 J St #230
Sacramento, California 95678
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Crowell Law Offices represent clients throughout Northern California with local offices in Sacramento, Placer and Yolo Counties, California. Our personal injury firm defends people who've been injured by another's negligence: auto accidents, brain/spine injuries, child injuries, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death cases.

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Attorneys in Firm     6
Attorney Bar Number     215900
Practicing Law Since     2000

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  •     He is an abusive criminal. 1
    This man bribes people to remove bad reviews, he commits psychological abuse of certain clients, allows certain clients' cases to be horribly managed and mangled, and he works for the DA to destroy certain clients on behalf of a corrupt government. He bribed me, I can prove it, his offices are also fronts, he is not who he seems, and when I mentioned the CIA, he got very nervous. I do not care what any of you think, this is the truth, as this man bribed me for posting a similar review, I will keep speaking the truth until he and the evil people he works for are exposed and removed from all power they have to harm others. You think this sounds like a made-up movie crazy claim, and so did I until he bribed me, until I looked deeper into this man's profiles, he is not who he seems to be, he has bribed others for silence, and he has threatened others, and myself. Most people are so scared of this man's threats, they will not say anything, or he has them silenced permanently, he is an evil person, anyone who abuses their power and harms others, especially those they are sworn to protect, are evil and deserve to rot in prison for their entire life. No Mr. Crowell, I have never threatened to harm you, only expose you, but go right ahead, call the cops, call the law, see how much I give a shit? We live in a corrupt country, I see it, and I do not care if you see it or not, I want to protect you all from evil like this man, and you expose evil, the darkness must be brought into the light. I personally hope you live a very long life, Mr. Crowell, so you can rot it away in a jail cell, with all your criminal buddies. All I have to do, is leave this review right here, and wait, one day, someone with power will see it, and someone will do something about you and all those you work for. I know the entire city of Sacramento is full of crooked lawyers just like you, all of who work for a corrupt government system hell-bent on silencing those who understand the corruption, lies, and mind control utilized on all Americans. I know the truth, I know you tried to make me kill myself, I know you tried to push me over the edge, I know you wanted me to commit violent deeds to discredit myself. I am stronger of will than you, and I am a better person than you could ever dream to be, I am the Hero the world needs and when the right person sees this review, you and yours will fall as I rise. You "F'ed" with the wrong Autistic. If I am lying, why do I have a picture of the bribery email Hendrick sent, from his own work address? Yea, I sound crazy, but that is what these people do, they attack the little people who know too much and push them, and push them. Now I am pushing back, and I have no fear, call me crazy, I know the truth. The Weed of Crime bears bitter fruit Mr. Crowell. I know what evil lurks in your heart, and the world will see it, and those your work for, as the evil fascists that you truly are. If I am crazy, and deranged, why did Hendrick buy me off? Why not laugh at me, why not come after me? You bribe me, that is what criminals do, honest people do not pay bribes, they do not buy silence, they do not try and destroy a person's mind, or threaten someone they claim to have wanted to help, this man is a monster and I am the one who will expose him and his monstrous associates to the world. Go ahead Hendrick, Make My Day, come on after me. I am waiting for you. Posted by : Russell David Carey   On: 11 Oct 2022
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