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  •     Great Lawyer - Saved My Life 10
    Aaron helped me on the case that could have ended my life. I was contacted by police about making out with a girl. That's it just making out. I answered their questions and the police kept coming back. I eventially was told to call Aaron Nielson for help. Aaron told me not to talk to the police any more. I was even being called by the school and I was called in to the office at work. I got fired from my job because the girl and I both worked together. That's how we met. The whole thing made no sense. Then I got the notice to come to court for 1st degree felony rape. It blew my mind. How could I be charged with rape when I never even had sex. I told the police everything (Aaron said that was a mistake). I hired Aaron and we went to court. On the first court day he got the charges lowered and one of the charges dropped. The prosecutor offered a deal but I didn't do anything and Aaron said go to trial. We had another day in court that wasn't a trial but the girl testified. Aaron questioned her about every detail for about 4 hours. Then the judge took the attorneys out of the room and when they came back the judge dismissed the charges against me. We never had to make it all the way to trial but won anyway. If I would have taken the plea deal I would be on the sex offender list for doing nothing. If I didn't have Aaron and we went to trial and lost I'd be in prison and didn't do anything wrong. Aaron fought from day one and proved that she was making everything up. I lost my job, had to go to court and the case messed up my life for months. Being fakely accused of the worst crime immaginable just because a girl said i touched her and she didn't want to when that wasn't true. If it wasnt for Aaron my life would have been ruined for ever. Even with the case being over Aaron is still helping me. I know now to call and get help first and I call Aaron when i have any legal questions. Posted by : Tyler Cannon   On: 28 Apr 2016
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