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Article image 5 Good Reasons for you to Hire a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

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Posted On Sat, Sep 22nd 2018 Posted by : Staff

5 Good Reasons for you to Hire a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer


Employers are required to purchase worker’s compensation insurance to cater for lost wages and medical expenses of employees that get injured while on the job. Although several efforts have been made for streamlining the filing process, requesting and collecting compensation is still a challenge. The procedure can also be difficult for employees with severe injuries. For this reason, hiring a worker’s compensation attorney is important. Here are the benefits of hiring one.


Evaluates the case for settlement


As a client, you will want to know what your case is worth. A worker’s compensation attorney will bring their knowledge and experience when bearing on the settlement issue. Every case is unique and so does the compensation. You should therefore not rely on advice from people you know. A seasoned worker’s compensation lawyer has the knowledge of how these cases are settled and how specific types of injuries should be settled, and will use this information when making recommendations regarding the settlement.


Appealing a Denied Claim


Inability to submit the claim before the deadline of 120 days, dishonesty or bad faith on the insurer’s part can cause the claim to be denied. Although eligible injured workers with denied claims can file for an appeal, the whole process can be expensive and time-consuming, particularly for workers who have no attorney representing them. The appeal case requires additional evidence and attending several oral arguments and hearings that only a seasoned lawyer can pull through successfully.


Benefit from experience and guidance


People involved in worker’s compensation cases may find themselves in a strange situation. You can easily get advice from family members, co-workers, supervisors and friends, and some will seem confusing, strange and contradictory. Your insurance company will also not give you solid advice because they are also protecting their interest. A lawyer at Campbell and Associates Law will give you the right advice that you are looking for because he/she understands how the worker’s claim system works, and also understands your rights better.


Ensures your rights are always protected


When dealing directly with the claims adjuster, you will not be conversant with your rights under the Worker’s Compensation Act. For instance, you may be sent to the company’s doctor for several medical exams, or you may be told that you cannot claim for a certain injury because you already have a pre-existing condition. However, when you have a lawyer, he/she will prevent the insurance service provider from violating your rights and treating you unfairly.


Eagerness to resolve issues


Many workers will only hire attorneys when a serious problem arises in their case, for example, being denied medical care, or when benefits are cut off. These types of issues can be resolved quickly through known procedures, for example, requesting a hearing at the Worker’s Compensation Commission and giving medical evidence. To achieve this, there must be a case on file and the legal representative must get your medical records. Although this process may not take long, it may seem longer, especially if you are no longer getting your benefits.


Every injured worker should hire a worker’s compensation lawyer because it is not costly. These lawyers usually work on a contingency basis, which means that they are only paid a certain percentage of your award or settlement. There are no upfront charges or retainer fees, and this means that everyone involved in such cases can seek legal representation. The lawyer will also work hard for you because they benefit more when you get a larger settlement.



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