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Article image Dershowitz: Zimmerman Affidavit Is A Crime

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Posted On Thu, Apr 26th 2012 Posted by : Staff

         Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz highlights how the rule of law in America has once again been overridden by the ulterior policy interests of third party interests. The political glitterati and media elite have created a maelstrom whereby the prosecutor has arrested George Martin without sufficient “probable cause”. The recent arrest of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin based on the affidavit filed by the Prosecutor does not even rise to the required level of “probable cause” to arrest Mr. Zimmerman for second degree murder because there are simply not enough facts in the affidavit to support the arrest. Dershowitz further goes on to argue that the affidavit also omits important material facts. The affidavit is an irresponsible attempt by an elected public official that is campaigning for future political reasons. Dershowitz points out that the elements of the crime are simply not established and there are unethical motivations that led to the prosecutor omitting these material facts. Of note, the prosecutor left out of the affidavit, that there were grass stains on the back of Zimmerman’s clothing and there were blood and gashes on the back of Mr. Zimmerman’s head. These facts are important because it goes to show evidence consistent with a traditional notion of self defense. Dershowitz seemingly implies that this is based on a traditional notion of self defense that doesn’t even address the issues associated of “Stand Your Ground”. What has happened to the Truth in America when a man can be arrested and prosecuted for a crime without the requisite burden of evidence?  Dershowitz bemoans the  injustice of  an over-zealous prosecutor as tantamount to criminal malfeasance.   


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