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Article image Law Schools Fight to Stave Off Class Actions

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Posted On Sun, Mar 18th 2012 Posted by : Staff

        The recent spate of law suits brought against law schools for their alleged misrepresentation of employment statistics in online brochures and career marketing materials looks like it will continue in the next several months. Recently, David Anziska  of the law firm Strauss & Anziska spoke with Bloomberg Law News and affirmed their earlier claim that ’2012 would be the year of law school litigation’.  Specifically, Mr. Anziska revealed that the law firm has plans to sue 20 more schools in the near term future.


        Many blog pundits on the various internet sites such as ‘Above The Law‘, ‘JDUnderground‘ & ‘The Lawyerist’ have portrayed the legal action as a uphill climb.  The compliance with ABA reporting criteria has been a standard that many law schools cite as evidence that no fraudulent actions have occurred.  Further, there does not seem to be much sympathy for law students who can not find work in their chosen profession. Recently, William Robinson the American Bar Association, President summed up his perception of the issue by stating “Its inconceivable to me that someone with a college education, or a graduate level education, would not know before deciding to go to law school that the economy has declined over the last several years and that the job market out there is not as opportune as it may have been five six, seven eights years ago”.
        There certainly does appear to be a developing trend to foster transparency in the law school market.  Ultimately, the success or failure of the pending litigation has the potential to shape the legal education landscape for the legal profession.


Lulaine@RDLegalFunding Says:

Apr 20, 2012 10:04 AM

There are problems with the law school system. This lawsuit I believe will be one of the biggest cases for a lot of reasons. This has so many of the social themes at play that people are complaining about with the occupy movement and others like it.

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