08/14/13, 11:11 pm
Yesterday, I slipped on a huge puddle of water in a bakery. One of their refrigerator units was leaking water all over the floor. There were no wet floor signs posted. I slipped, hit my head on the floor, hurt my foot/toe/ankle and my iPhone didn't work for approx an hour because it too landed in the puddle of water. My pants were soaked from howuvh water was on the floor. I went to the ER because I knew something was wrong with my foot- I could hardly put pressure on it. Turns out, I sprained my foot and broke my toe. Doc said there was also a contussion on the back of my neck from the fall. Should I seek legal action?
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David Green Says:

Aug 15,2013 8:20 AM

You are always better with an attorney than without, as insurance companies will often not make a settlement offer or only offer a small settlement when someone does not have an attorney. I would be happy to discuss the case with you. David Green (617) 357-8600 x103

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