12/20/16, 5:05 pm
11 years ago my license was revoked for driving on suspended causing injury. I was convicted and since that day I haven't been in any trouble until Friday Dec 16 when I was pulled over for driving a golf cart. I had no idea it was illegal. I got the tags for it and made it road legal. But found out the hard way that even a golf cart is illegal to drive with a revoked license. Thankfully I wasn't taken to jail, nor was the golf cart impounded. But those conveniences do little to settle my worry when I have my day in court. I contacted two attorneys. One says to plea not guilty and to hire a lawyer. The second says plea guilty and the judge is more than likely to show leniency. Now I'm left wondering what to do. I have no problem pleading guilty, afterall I completely take responsibility for my actions. It's my fault for not digging deeper into the law regarding driving golf carts on a suspended license. So why was I driving, I went to get my wife a prescription from the pharmacy. She's a third shift nurse and sleeps during the day. So we bought the golf cart so I could take care of usual errands like milk and eggs, picking kids up from school, or in this case going to the pharmacy... all within a mile of my home in the township on 25 mph roads in Saginaw County Michigan. So should I plea guilty or not guilty? Am I facing jail time? Will I be given a plea bargain before I make a plea? On my ticket it said I have to appear in court within 14 days. I'm going to court tomorrow because the "not knowing" lingering over my head would destroy the holiday season for me. I need to take care of this. Thank you for your time
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Paul Beggs Says:

Jan 07,2017 6:40 PM

Go to the pretrial. Ask for and plead to "no operator's license on person". It is not abstracted, there is no state drivers responsibility fee of 500.00/ year and it will not effect your ability to get a drivers license... which you should now attempt to do.

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