05/14/12, 1:01 am
My son is 18 years old and went into dillards Dept. And decided to be stupid and attempted to shoplift the item. Now he is faced with having to go to court on a petty theft charge. My question what do we do now he has never done this before. Is therte any way to remove the misdemeanor into something lesser. The reason I am asking because it will be harder to get employment of any kind with this charge. The other thing that concerns me is that dullards had him sign two papers stating he said that he can't go to the mall for a year. He is dyslexic am I'm not sure he wad able to read whet he signed.
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Darrell York Says:

May 14,2012 12:29 PM

He might be able to get informal diversion or have the charge reduced to an infraction if the item was less than $50. Some counties have a theft diversion program for cases were the losses were around $100 or so. He needs to be represented by an attorney in this proceeding and if he cannot afford one he will get a court appointed attorney. I will have to stay out of the mall as they arrest him for trespassing if he returns.

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