08/24/14, 1:01 am
Good day!! I write in regards to my father. My father divorced my mom and REMARRIED a woman with no children. In 2006 he passed away from pancreatic cancer, and my two sisters and I were never granted access to his belonging, or documents pertaining to his assets. Subsequently, in 2011, his wife(my step mother) also passed away. I am under the impression that whatever assets were titled in my father name are NOW included in his deceased wife's estate? My sisters and I have attempted to gain control of my ONLY my dad's estate in order to liquidate whatever funds there are, but we now have TWO(2) blood nephews (one out of this country) contesting there aunt's estate? Again, my sisters and I am only interested in gaining executorship of my dad's estate so we can liquidate, move on and NOT lose, but believe we're facing. . . maybe 20 grand at the most. . .. is there a we in which we can accomplish this??
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Eric Gottfried Says:

Sep 08,2014 9:53 AM

Call Mark Lefkowicz from my office. Tel #: 212-766-5665 x-333

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