04/20/12, 3:03 pm
I've been working at a job for about a month now and haven't received a paycheck. When I asked my boss where it is she avoided me or would tell me shell give me but then leave early. She continued to ask me to come into work and would tel me if I did she would give me it but then wouldn't. Finally I told her I won't be working until I'm paid and asked her for it and she said she isn't going to give me it. I asked her why she hired me and she responded with I didn't. I filled out a w4 and have been clocking it but I'm scared she never filed any of it. What do I do?
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Nicholas Lindley Says:

Apr 22,2012 5:23 PM

The obvious question any attorney would want answered is: Did you get your employment in writing? Did you sign a contract with this business, or was the agreement to work for this person more of a verbal contract? If you signed a contract and you're not getting paid, you should start looking for a.) another job; and, b.) a good attorney. You need to contact an attorney asap if you want to see any of this money. All it may take is one letter with an attorney's letterhead to scare this person into paying the money that you rightfully deserve. Obviously, there are more facts that an attorney would need before they could properly help you. My office handles cases like this often. if you're serious about getting this money, give us a call. Good luck.

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