04/04/13, 9:09 am
My wedding photographer has been very unresponsible and has been ignoring many of our emails or calls. He says we pay too little compared to other clients (he chose the amount) and therefore, he will working on projects in his house, and working on those other clients's pictures before he works on ours. It is been almost six months. Contract says in most cases 3-6 weeks. What should we do? We already paid him. Can we sue him?
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Andrew Rader Says:

Apr 05,2013 9:03 AM

I would take him to small claims court. Small Claims actions may be brought only in the county where the defendant resides or where the cause of action occurred. It would be a good idea to send a certified letter which clearly states your complaint to your photographer before you file. This is so you have evidence that you have tried to contact him to resolve the issue. You can go to this website below for additional information: If you need any additional help, you can call me at 954-913-2273. I am also licensed in the state of New York.

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