06/06/17, 7:07 pm
I’m starting my own yoga business and trying to figure out how to do my taxes before launching. It’s not a traditional yoga studio or anything, it’s going to be primarily online (YouTube, email newsletter to subscribers, subscription sites that host yoga and fitness videos from various teachers) with in-person workshops/retreats (hosted around the world.) I’m currently based out of Colorado (just in case that makes a difference for taxes.) I want it setup so that money from my business comes to me personally since business expenses will be coming from me personally, and I set aside money for taxes which I then pay later when filing taxes. It will be just me, and I won’t need a salary since I’ll earn whatever is left after setting aside taxes and covering business expenses. I think that means I need a sole proprietorship? Does having yoga insurance make it unnecessary to file as LLC?
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William Foster Says:

Dec 14,2017 5:35 PM

Hi, Did you get answers to your questions? If not, I can help.

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