09/08/14, 7:07 pm
My sister, who is executrix to my parent's estate (dad died in August 2013, mom died in April 2014), texted both my brother and I about signing off on my parent's property so she and her husband can attempt to assume the mortgage. They already own property that is mortgaged. They appear in the local paper regularly for being delinquent on school and property tax payments. I do not believe they have the resources, or the credit history that would be necessary for a traditional mortgage. I don't feel comfortable signing off the only asset that my parents have left the 3 of us. Should I be looking for a lawyer in the area to assist me?
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Eric Gottfried Says:

Sep 15,2014 2:35 PM

You should contact a competent lawyer immediately in order to protect your rights. Call Mark Lefkowicz at my office for assistance. Tel #: 212-766-5665 x-333

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