11/07/12, 6:06 pm
This is regarding my ex husband - he owes me $32K+ in child support arrearage. In March 2012, I filed paperwork w/DHHS. He had "lost" his job Feb 2911 and did not provide ANY child support ($250/wk) or medical ins.-as stipulated in our divorce decree - for over a year. But court docs show he earned $48K in 2011! Never paid a dime/med.ins. to me. I have 100% physical/ legal custody of our son. Ex has NO visitation rights, doesn't even know what his own child looks like. Every time my ex lost a job, moved, remarried etc. he was supposed to inform the courts, but he never did. ** I am unable to walk w/out crutches or canes. I have been seriously ill for the past 3.5 yrs+ (at times fighting for my life) and been hospitalized over 12X. I suffer from Sarcoidosis and Hepatic Encephalopathy resulting in severe and chronic edema-(prevents me from being able to physically "bend" my legs at the knee,) i.e. difficult to get into a vehicle. I am not working. Hip replacement surgery July 12, 2012. I went to court June 12 but I was confused as to the time so I was 1/2 hr late. Directed to the incorrect court room -10-12 min I realized this so went to the clerks desk to inquire where I should be. At this point I am in tears, struggling on my crutches and in a great deal of pain (my legs were horribly swollen that day I barely got into my vehicle.) It took me 2 min to "shuffle" 15-20 feet from my vehicle to the courthouse doors-(according to the security cameras.) Clerks directed me to fill out "Motion for Hearing/ Reconsider. Granted for Aug 28 @ 9 AM- BUT his atty-yes he had $$$ for an atty, sent a ltr OBJECTION TO my motion and REQUEST TO VACATE ORDER GRANTING NEW HEARING. He "won", now I have no hearing AND I HAVE TO PAY his atty fee's of $500.00. I wrote the words "I was in the courthouse building-on time. I was misdirected to the wrong room..." And now the atty calls me a liar, that I arrived @ 10:02 and entered the bld at least 2 min later (yeah because I could BARELY walk!) I was "awarded" $100/wk CS and $45/wk for arrearage of $31.7K. It will take 13.5 YEARS to pay. My son is 10 yrs. With NO INTEREST? No jail time, fines, warnings nothing? No contempt of court for earning $48K last yr but paying nothing for CS. He currently is supposed to provide med ins. but isn't. He is at the same job today, as last year, same position-but claims income is only $24K this year (1/2 of last year's). Do I have any recourse? I have to pay 500 and he owes $31,700.00 @ $45/wk. for child support.
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Ian Reardon Says:

May 31,2014 4:53 PM

You are at a huge disadvantage when one party has an attorney. You should consult with an attorney.

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