10/18/12, 7:07 pm
I was recently given an offer for a job via telephone. Over the phone I asked the representative if it was safe to quit and give my two weeks notice to my current employer. He said yes. The day I had to give in some paperwork to said employer, they realized I was under the age of 18 and was told that they don't hire minors. Now I'm left jobless. Said employer is considered an EEO. Do I have a case?
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Arkady Bukh Says:

Oct 25,2012 2:52 PM

In employment law, minors (people who have not reached majority in their own states) are not what is called a protected class. An example of a protected class is workers over forty, workers of various races, either male or female workers, etc. You can believe that they would not have said that over the phone if you were a member of a protected class. You could consult an attorney, but companies are generally not required by law to hire minors.

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