02/20/13, 2:02 pm
Its a really complicated situation. Basically I've been living here since May paying rent on time each month but we've never been under a lease or even had a walk through. The landlords are extremely unattentive and pretty old. I'd say 80's. The husband seems to love me but the wife has this huge crutch against me and I have no idea why. The only thing I can think of is because of my weight. She will randomly stop by and hassle me about anything and everything. Five months ago it was because of a pet cat which we didn't have. Today she stopped by just to tell me she can give me my 30 days notice whenever she wants and that if we didn't like it here we could move out whenever we could. They have never given us a rent receipt, never had a walkthrough, lease, agreement or anything. They just took a deposit from us and gave us our keys. Us on the other hand, have kept every money order receipt for rent and documented everytime we have ever contacted them regarding housing. I just dont know wht to do . This is getting really old. After she stopped by today. I got hysterical and cried and called her husband and he said not to worry about anything and he would talk to Ruth and that she didn't have any reason to stop by. He even offered to come mediate but I had to run to class Sorry for the long message. What do I do?
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Tara Nichol Says:

Feb 22,2013 3:06 PM

Without any lease or agreement, a court would most likely characterize your landlord/tenant relationship as either tenancy at will or periodic tenancy that is month to month. In either case, I would suggest giving your landlord 30 days notice and moving to a different location. If your landlord gives a hassle about moving out, then you should contact an attorney to assist you. Good Luck.

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