02/03/13, 8:08 pm
Last quarter I was engaged in a discussion to entertain the sale of my pharmacy to another, local pharmacy. Both parties signed a standard non-disclosure agreement. The sale did not go through, however, yesterday my chief pharmacist announced that he had accepted a position with that company. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal but my employee announced that he had started negoations/discussions with this other company while we were bound by that non-disclosure agreement. The employee has a large group of "regular" customers and his resignation has the possibility of damaging my bottom line significantly. It is my feeling that the owner of the other company decided that it would be cheaper to steal my employee rather than buy my business outright. Is there anything that I can do, or am I out of luck...? FYI: We did not have non-competition clause with our employee. Thanks for the help... Jon M.
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Tara Nichol Says:

Feb 22,2013 2:59 PM

The answer to your question depends on whether human resources decisions, such as the one described, were events that were subject to the non-disclosure agreement. I would suggest contacting a business attorney to review your non-disclosure agreement to find out if you have recourse.

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