04/24/12, 10:10 pm
So, I'm in the process of being a convicted felon for a drug related charge. I'm trying to get a job at a clinic. The owner of the clinic doesn't care about my record because I was honest about it. My concern is the clinic gets raided and I get arrested, would I be in more trouble? Since I would be on probation and would be arrested in the process? What if I was arrested and the case was dismissed would it still be against me?
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Darrell York Says:

Apr 25,2012 10:24 AM

What kind of a clinic is this?? I don't know why you would be concerned about a clinic being raided unless they are involved in illegal activity and if they are I would suggest you find a job at some other location due to your background. If this clinic is involved in illegal activity and you work there you could possibly be facing criminal charges in addition to a probation violation. If they are not engaged in any illegal activity then I don't think there should be a concern about a raid.

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