02/09/13, 10:10 am
I have been on Probation for 4+ years now for a Burglary charge.. I havent been able to find a job and I got violated for not being able to find a job/paying fines/ and not being able to make it to a few appointments.. My probation Officer is RECOMMENDING 6-23 months in the local jail.. Do you think that the judge will honestly sentence me to jail time instead of trying to let me get a job since this is the only thing that has happened?
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Jason Dunkle Says:

Feb 09,2013 2:54 PM

You should contact a local defense lawyer that has experience in dealing with probation revocations before the precise judge in your case. If you were in Centre County, the probation department would only revoke for the failure to get a job if you did not show evidence that you had been applying, such as submitting copies of applications that you had submitted. More troublesome would be the missed appointments. Judge in this area are very strict on missed appointments. Judges here also tend to follow recommendations of the probation department, so, if you were case were in Centre County, it is highly likely that you would be sentenced to 6 to 23 months. Some judges are more likely than others to reject probation's recommendation. You need to talk to someone in York that has experience with the probation department and judge to get a better answer to your question.

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