01/04/13, 4:04 pm
What is the best possible way to get 3year old warrants lifted without doing any jail time?
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Jason Dunkle Says:

Jan 05,2013 10:08 AM

The best possible way to get a favorable resolution and not get screwed by the system is to have a lawyer on your side representing your interests. The likelihood of avoiding jail time is dependent upon many factors, including what type of warrants you have. For example, warrants issued for failure to pay costs/fines may be resolved if you can pay a chunk of the money and sign a new payment contact. If the warrants are based upon failure to appear for pending criminal charges, your ability to remain free on bail is dependent upon the severity of the charges, and, having an attorney often shows that you are taking the charges seriously and thereby are going to appear in court at future hearings. Contact a Philly defense attorney like Brian Fishman at 215-874-6724.

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