04/26/18, 10:10 pm
What options do I have when the co-owner has not paid his share of mortgage, HOA, and other bills since August 2016? I am the co-owner of a townhome. Despite repeated demands, my co-owner has not paid any share of the mortgage payments, HOA fees, or any other household bills since August 2016, while continuing to reside and deplete resources at the property. In addition, he has an extensive history of delinquency and other unsavory behavior, this person is making my home feel unsafe and unlivable. I would like to know what legal recourse's are available to me in terms of evicting & removing this person from the deed OR selling the property. I am also interested in recuperating the back payments from the years of non-payment. Lastly, I want to ensure the safety of my family and I from any likely attempts at reprisal from him during this process. Thank you for any help
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Kevin Neiman Says:

May 08,2018 12:09 PM

To get one of the names off the mortgage, you either have to sell the house or refinance the loan under just one name. Both options can be challenging: Selling can take many months, and there’s no guarantee the lender will approve your application to refinance. If you can’t qualify for the mortgage on your own, a lender will not refinance, and the other owner’s name will be stuck on the mortgage.

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