03/15/12, 11:11 am
I often copy images I find on the web for use in powerpoint presentations, etc.. Never for resale and always a small meeting or intimate office. But I have lost track of which images I got from where... If I include them in product brochures or material freely distributed to customers how much trouble am I in? Note that we are a business, and we do sell software, even if we don't charge for these advertising and marketing materials.
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Barry F. Gartenberg, Esq. Says:

Apr 15,2012 2:56 PM

The fact that your presentations were not for re-sale is irrelevant. Unless the images are in the public domain, you may not copy or display them without the copyright owner's permission. You exposure depends, in part, on whether the pictures are registered. Please feel free to contact me ASAP so that we may explore your options and protect your legal rights. 973-921-0600. Kindly note and remember that my response is merely a general comment on the law related to your question, and NOT legal advice or opinion. Also, your question and my response does NOT create an attorney-client relationship between us. You cannot rely upon what I have written, because I do not have all of the information that I need to advise you or render an opinion. Even simple facts you have not shared can completely change my answer. For me to give you legal advice or opinion, you would need to hire me to be your lawyer, and then we would need to discuss this in detail and go over the documents.

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