09/06/12, 10:10 am
My mother was cleaning a ladies house , when she tripped, fell and broke her hip. She is getting paid to do this. From ambulance to hospital stay, surgery, and to rehab, there is going to be a lot of expense. Is this something that my mother could file a claim on her homeowners policy?
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Paul Cannon Says:

Oct 25,2012 4:29 PM

There may be a medical payments coverage portion of the policy that will cover a limited about of the bills. Often they are only 1,000.00 policies. In order to file under the liability policy, your mother will have to show that the fall was caused by the homeowner's negligence. i.e. that there was a hidden danger that the owner was aware of but your mom was not and the owner did not warn her. Just falling down on someone's property does not make them liable. (I am assuming your mother is not a full time employee of this person but just a contract laborer and, therefore, no employer-employee duties would arise.)

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