02/06/13, 10:10 pm
Good morning. I am a 21 year old male in the state of Florida. I have pure feelings of love for a 15 year old female in the same state. We have never touched or had any sexual contact. At most we have briefly hugged twice. Two months ago we were texting and calling frequently, but not anymore. We have never been alone together. The biological mom lives here with her husband, and the biological dad lives in Pennsylvania. Is there anyway that someone can make an allegation against me and have me arrested? Thank you so much!
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Jennifer Jacobs Says:

Feb 07,2013 5:48 PM

Anyone can make an allegation against you that could result in you being arrested. However, that does not mean that they would be able to prove the charges. Based on what you have written, you have not done anything illegal- but this does not mean that you could not be charged and arrested. People are wrongly arrested everyday.

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