05/21/12, 5:05 am
Okay. The FBI has had my items for almost 2 to 3 months, they took my credit cards and my phones because a friend ran away from home and crossed state lines and came to my place. It became a federal case when the girl crossed state lines. But now, it's almost going to be 3 months since they took her back home and since they took my items. I want my phones back & my credit cards. I haven't been charged with anything. I have a clean criminal record. All the feds did was question me then let me go. Is there something I can do to get my stuff back?
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Kevin Bessant Says:

Jun 04,2012 4:20 PM

Right now it appears that your property is in evidence with the FBI/Government and may be used in court for trial. As long as this property is considered evidence in the case, you will not be able to retrieve it until the case is adjudicated and the evidence is no longer needed. You can petition the Government to return your items but this is usually performed with the assistance of an attorney.

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